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Drum Major Classic &
Pipe Band Competitions

Drum Major Classic

Back by popular demand is the acclaimed Classic Drum Major Contest featuring world-class Drum Majors.
The Drum Majors parade the pipe band while showing off their skills for the honor of Top Drum Major of the Monterey Games.
This competition is sure to be enjoyable for all who attend!

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2022 Pipe Band Competitors

City of Angels Pipe Band Grade 4
Los Angeles, CA
Humboldt Highlanders Pipe Band Grade 5
Eureka, CA
Irish Pipers Band of San Francisco Grade 4
San Francisco, CA
Jefferson Pipe Band Grade 4
Jefferson Pipe Band Grade 5

Oregon & Northern California
Kevin R. Blandford Pipe Band Grade 3
Orange County, CA
Macintosh Pipe Band Grade 5
Northern California
Pipes & Drums of Cal Fire L2881 Grade 5
Northern California
Pasadena Scottish Pipe Band Grade 3
Pasadena, CA
Pasadena Scottish Pipe Band Grade 5

Pasadena, CA
Prince Charles Pipe Band Grade 5
Silicon Valley Pipe Band Grade 3
Silicon Valley Pipe Band Grade 4

Bay Area, CA


World-class Judges

Top judges will score pipe band performance based on Western United States Pipe Band (WUSPBA) rules.

Meet the judges

Bruce Gandy.png

Bruce Gandy

For the last 20 years, Bruce has been one of the dominant players on the World scene, winning the Gold Medals at Inverness and Oban, the Bratach Gorm (Blue Banner) in London, The Silver Star for Former Winners and 2nd prize winner at the Glenfiddich Championships. 

Duncan Millar.png

Duncan Millar

Duncan Millar played in the snare line of Simon Fraser University for 20 years winning four World Pipe Band Championships and four Grade 1 World Drum Corps Championships. He was also lead-drummer of the Grade 2 LA Scots for many years.

Terry Lee.png

Terry Lee

As the Pipe Major of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band he led the band to winning the World Grade 1 Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland six times!  He was also leader and musical director at the band’s concerts in  Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Center.

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